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Public appeal: which is your favourite building and why?

Press release:

A LEADING North East heritage charity is launching a public appeal to discover which buildings and structures in Newcastle and Northumberland matter most to those who live, work in and visit them.

Since 1924 the Northumberland and Newcastle Society has worked to preserve the best of the city and county’s landscape, heritage and culture – fighting to save buildings and restore them for future generations to enjoy.

It has intervened on and influenced everything from building developments to traffic thoroughfares and around 50 years ago purchased the Kielder viaduct in order to protect and preserve it for the good of the county.

And as it prepares to celebrate its 100th anniversary, it wants everyone who lives or works in the city or county to tell them which is their favourite structure and why.

The Society will then publish them in a book to mark its centenary and to “stand as a permanent record of which buildings mattered most to us at this moment in time.”

“We quite simply want to know which structures – be they castles, bridges, workplaces or barns – hold a special place in people’s hearts,” said Society chairman John Matthews.

“It could be a building they’ve visited, worked or studied in; a structure – a piece of Roman wall perhaps – that triggered an early interest in history, or just somewhere they’ve visited that holds a special memory.

“It might be an historical place – but it doesn’t have to be. The aim is to shine a light on buildings that may not be included on any of the special buildings lists but are special, nonetheless, to someone.

“Entries must relate to man-made structures and our aim is to compile these into a book that will stand as a fascinating record of us and the buildings that have shaped our lives.”

The Society, whose members include parish councils and smaller civic trusts and heritage bodies across the North East, has created a form on its website so people can input their contact details, the name and address of their chosen building or monument and the reason it is special to them.

To take part in the study visit Entrants must be over 18 years of age.

[Image of Seaton Deleval Hall ©N&N Society]

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