Forthcoming Events in 2019

Joint the Society  ~ our Events programme is designed for people interested in North East culture, landscapes, buildings, people and history.


Tuesday 19 March – Theatrical Memories; A talk by John Derry. People’s Theatre, Heaton

John Derry’s talk will evoke memories of performances at the Theatre Royal, the Empire and The Palace in Newcastle but will also refer to two other important local amateur theatres; The People’s Theatre, Heaton, and the Little Theatre, Gateshead. If members of the audience find their own theatrical memories stimulated, the presenter will be content!






Wednesday 10 April – Visit to the Northern Counties Club, Hood Street, Newcastle upon Tyne



Tuesday 21 May – AGM at Blagdon Hall





Unless otherwise stated, events are for Members and their Guests only.

Members can book by completing and returning the booking form found in your copy of City & County.


Booking enquiries:

Jackie Salmon, Administrator

Telephone: 0191 281 6266.



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