Tyneside Committee

Chairman – Tim Wickens

Role: To help protect the historical built environment of the City of Newcastle and its suburbs and North Tyneside for future generations to enjoy by:

  • Positively supporting exciting new developments which add to the architectural vibrancy and variation of the City skyline, hopefully providing us with the listed buildings of the future without having a detrimental and devaluing effect on existing historic structures.
  • Working with likeminded organisations and conservation bodies to ensure that our rich industrial heritage is recognised and celebrated throughout our region.
  • Being a valued contributor and advisor to the City’s heritage committees through our involvement and representation on the Newcastle Conservation Advisory Panel and the the Council’s Heritage Environment Advisory Panel.

The Tyneside Committee meet monthly to consider planning applications in Newcastle and North Tyneside. They are also considering the urban south east of Northumberland, allowing the County Committee to focus on market towns and rural matters.

An example of current and recent work:

  • Involvement with North Tyneside Council regarding public artwork on the site of Westmoor Colliery to commemorate the Stephenson Family and the birth of the railways (with The Stephenson Trust and Killingworth Local History Society).
  • Tall Buildings Scoping Report – The Tyneside Committee was invited to take part in consultations regarding Newcastle City Council’s Tall Buildings Policy in the wake of the recent approved application for a 26-storey residential block to be erected off St James’s Boulevard and overlooking the City Walls.
  • The pedestrianisation of Blackett Street.
  • Development at East Pilgrim Street.
  • Support for the restoration and reopening of the Swimming Pool and Turkish Baths in Northumberland Street.
  • Support for the Spanish Battery Association against a proposed commercial development at Tynemouth (now withdrawn).
  • Support of the redevelopment of the Stephenson Quarter which is to retain and restore as much of the original Stephenson and Hawthorn Engine works fabric and incorporate in within a new College Campus dedicated to engineering and innovation.
  • Lobbying the City Council to police and enforce the Grainger Town Shopfront Guide.
  • Lobbying the National Trust regarding the closure of George Stephenson’s Cottage in Wylam.
  • Final objection to the City Council regarding demolition of the former Odeon / Paramount Cinema Theatre in Pilgrim Street before it was finally demolished. This gained a lot of coverage for the Society in the press and on local radio.

See the Who’s Who page for the members of the Tyneside Committee