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Emma Walker

Emma Walker

Trustee, and Membership and Activities Committee chair

How did you get involved in the Society?

I was given a year’s membership by my late mother as Christmas gift and, although I’d never heard of the Society prior to that, I attended some events, enjoyed reading City and County, met some lovely people …and stayed.

How long have you been a member?

Since about 2008.

What are your main interests?

Because my family has lived here for countless generations I’m interested in all aspects of the city and county’s past and, because my daughter also lives here, I’m interested in their future.

What's your professional background?

Following an early career as an actress I moved into journalism and worked on newspapers across England and Wales, as an investigative reporter and latterly as a features editor here in Newcastle.
I now work in public relations.

Where are your favourite place(s) in the Society's 'patch'?

My favourite part of Northumberland is the stretch of the river Coquet from Warkworth to Morwick. I spent much of my childhood in that part of the world, and learnt to swim, row and fish for sticklebacks in that stretch of river.

In Newcastle, it is the Northern Goldsmiths building on Blackett Street. It’s a supremely elegant building and the golden figure on its gorgeous clock is so joyous and confident. I love it.

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