Northumberland County Council Local Plan 2018 (draft)

We agree with the government’s policies which advocate empowering local people to have the final say in any future wind development.

We regarded these policies as potentially signifying the end of large scale turbine development in Northumberland.

However, having had sight of emerging policies proposed in the County Council’s draft Local Plan, we believe that unless the direction of travel of the emerging policies is radically changed, there is a strong likelihood that further inappropriate wind turbine development will follow, contrary to the wishes of “local communities”.

We have voiced our concerns and sent them to NCC as part of their wider consultation which closed on 15 August.

Map of sites NCC proposes are ‘suitable for wind turbine development’.


Exhibit 1. Policies' Map - REN 2 Areas Suitable for Wind Turbines - Northumberland-Local-PLan-

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