County Committee

Chairman – Nigel Jenkins


To protect and enhance the aesthetic environment of the county of Northumberland by:

  • Critically commenting on planning proposals, strategies and applications judged to fall within this primary aim.
  • Establishing networks and links which facilitate liaison with and between agencies, organisations and civic societies, and which publicise and promote these views.
  • Celebrating and encouraging initiatives, practice and design that accord with our primary aim. Promoting the active stewardship of the county by its residents, visitors and other stakeholders.

The County Committee meet every three months to consider a range of issues and planning applications in Northumberland, including the National Park.

The Committee focuses on market towns, rural areas, conservation areas and listed buildings.

Current issues:

Housing development and Policy

Neighbourhood Plans

20mph speed limit policy in rural communities

Northumberland County Council’s anticipated Core Strategy

Energy matters including fracking


See the Who’s Who page for the members of the County Committee.