Carliol House 1927 NESCOE HQ later NEEB

Carliol House

Press release:

In  2022 the N&N commented on a planning application relating to Carliol House. The interior of the Grade II listed site is planned to be pulled down to make way for new HMRC offices, with only the exterior facade and dome being retained.

Trustee Tim Wickens said:

“The justification for this is apparently due to floor levels not matching up with the new build elements of the scheme.

“This isn’t good enough. The finest architects in post-First World War Britain – including Sir John James Burnet – designed Carliol House to be a monument to a brave new world and a symbol of a city determined to be at the vanguard.”

Carliol House was built between 1924 and 1927 and has been called “one of the city’s finest buildings”.

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